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Vitadol Gold Bio Oil with 27% CBD

Vitadol Gold represents a comprehensive hemp extract in its full spectrum. In addition to an impressive amount of 2,700mg CBD, this product also contains an additional 70mg of valuable CBG. These products are known for their excellent quality and are nearly free of THC, with 0.0005% THC. Thanks to the removal of bitter components, this oil has an extremely mild taste. Due to the low THC content, it is also ideal for physically active individuals.

Through the independent testing of a laboratory with ISO accreditation, specializing in the analysis of substances related to doping, it has been confirmed that out of a total of 286 substances, including substances from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list, none are present in Vitadol Gold CBD oil.

Application of Gold CBD Oils with 27% from Vitadol

Recommended use: Please shake well before use. The oil is dripped under the tongue and should stay there for at least 1 minute before rinsing the mouth with water.

The use of this CBD product is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Sale is restricted to individuals aged 18 and above.

Ingredients of Vitadol Gold Bio CBD Oils with 27%

In each 10ml bottle of the 27% hemp extract Vitadol Gold, there is a total of about 2,700mg CBD and 70mg CBG (Cannabigerol). Additionally, this product contains numerous valuable terpenes.

Ingredients: Oil from the seeds of Cannabis Sativa, extract from the leaves of Cannabis Sativa

Suitable for vegans. Free from lactose. Not genetically modified.

Delivery time: The product is ready for shipping immediately and will be delivered within 1-3 days.

Package includes: A glass bottle with UV protection, containing 10ml hemp extract, including a pipette for convenient dosing.

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