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10.0ml | €14.495,00 / l

Without THC: CBD oil with 30%

Product description:

  • 30% CBD (3,000mg), guaranteed THC free.
  • Cheapest at CBDSÍ: 10% discount
  • CO2 extraction method from sustainable Swiss agriculture
  • 100% natural: ingredients free from colorings and preservatives

SWISS FX CBD Oil Zero with 30% CBD content is an excellent choice for people with intolerances. Many people are sensitive to the ingredient THC, either because of allergies or because they want to avoid THC as athletes. The vegan CBD drops do not contain THC and are therefore ideal for people who are either sensitive to it or want to consciously stay away from this psychoactive substance. It is important to emphasise that the THC content in all our oils is so minimal that they do not have any intoxicating effect. We strictly adhere to the legal regulations for THC content, so you would have to consume a large amount of our CBD oils to feel any minimal effect at all.

Buy cheap: THC-free CBD Oils from Swiss FX

The CBD is extracted from the flowers of hemp plants grown under strict organic conditions in Switzerland. Gentle CO2 extraction processes are used to extract the cannabidiol (CBD). The Zero line consists of broad-spectrum oils that contain no THC and also have no other cannabinoids. These characteristics make THC-free CBD particularly interesting for athletes, animals and other customers who want to make a preferred choice due to its purity, compared to full-spectrum CBD oils.

Recommendation for use: Before use, please shake the bottle thoroughly to ensure an even distribution of the ingredients. The CBD oil should be dripped under the tongue and remain there for at least 1 minute. After the exposure time, we recommend rinsing the mouth with water to remove any taste residues or oil residues.

It should be noted that this CBD product should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Sales are only permitted to persons aged 18 and over to comply with legal requirements.


Cannabis sativa extract, coconut MCT oil

No additives, vegan and gluten-free. Not genetically modified.

Scope of delivery:

The hemp extract contained in a 10 ml bottle is supplied in a special glass bottle that repels UV light. This special glass bottle protects the hemp extract from the harmful effects of UV light, which could affect the quality and effectiveness of the product. The UV protection keeps the hemp extract safe from the negative effects of the light, preserving its potency and quality.

The bottle is equipped with a practical pipette attachment that allows for easy and precise dosing of the hemp extract. With the pipette, the desired amount can be precisely measured and specifically dripped under the tongue. This facilitates the dosage and application of the hemp extract.

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