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CBD Oil from Medihemp with 10% and 10ml

Product description:

✓ Full spectrum organic hemp extracts.

✓ BIO certified

✓ Full of herbal cannabinoids 

Product details:

  • 1.000mg CBD at 10ml
  • Without dyes, additives or genetic engineering
  • Vegan

Medihemp Organic Hemp Complete CBD Oil with 10% CBD

CBD-rich whole extract in organic hemp oil

Gentle CO2 extraction methods used in the production of Medihemp CBD oils eliminate 100% of pesticides and herbicides. Our laboratory-tested CBD oils come from certified commercial hemp of the EU variety catalogue and are free of impurities. Due to the natural production, the oils cannot be surpassed in purity. They contain the full spectrum of the hemp plant, which is essential for the effect of the oils. It is characterised by the harmonious spectrum of natural plant substances. The strictly controlled production in Europe is created under consideration of several sustainability factors. The combination between the natural terpenes and the essential oils provides inner balance and vitality.

Advantages of Medihemp Bio Hemp Complete Hemp Oils

The bioavailability of the Medihemp CBD oil with 10% at 30ml, which is given by a high biological activity, leads to the well known entourage effect.

The laboratory-certified oils guarantee the highest quality from sustainable production. Our high-quality Medihemp hemp oils are available in two different dosages. The hemp oil with 5% CBD is the cheapest at CBDSI, as is the Medihemp Hemp Complete CBD oil with 5% at 30ml - prices that are unbeatable throughout Europe. The CBDSÍ oils with 5% CBD, 10% CBD and 20% CBD are also the ultimate in their respective dosage categories in terms of price-performance ratio.

In the overview of our CBD oils, we provide a deeper insight into the advantages of the full-spectrum oils.


74% hemp oil, 26% hemp extract

30ml, 3.000mg CBD (10%)

BIO-certified, CBD-rich whole extract, without genetically modified organisms, vegan, unfiltered, unrefined, produced according to GMP (GoodManufacturing Practice) 

THC content less than 0,2%


Drizzle on the tongue and swish in the mouth for about 30 seconds. Cosmetic product for the care of the oral cavity, do not swallow. Rinse out any residue with lukewarm water.